Baatchitt with Bodhy

Baatchitt with Bodhy: Brand Identity

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Project Type

Brand Identity / Web Development

Client Brief

Brand Identity for Motivational Speaker. Make it Young, quirky, friendly and full of life!

Short Description

You’re supposed to ‘perform’ in this world. But can you truly perform more than you want to perform?
Success starts with enjoying what you do and knowing what lies in store. And sometimes you need someone else to nudge you just that extra bit to get things going. Like an alarm going off in time to get things straight even though you would’ve woken up eventually.

I’m that alarm; and my little Baat-Chits with you might just wake you up to long term success.
whether you’re in school, college, a young MBA or a working professional; my workshops help you succeed in the real world.

I could have called myself a motivator, success guru or a change agent. But the best advice in life comes from friends; not messiahs.

i dont promise you salvation. I promise you life-changing chats.

I promise you Baat-Chit with Bodhy.